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douwant2bhappy_720What is MINDFULNESS-BASED COGNITIVE COACHING? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on giving you tools to solve current problems and change unhelpful thought patterns. It is different from traditional therapy in that it is action-oriented and leaves clients with tools to change their lives immediately. Mindfulness allows us to see thoughts without immediately reacting to them. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MBCT) empowers us to use the full power of our human brain – no other species has the ability to think about what we’re thinking about. Work with me to insure that what you’re thinking about is serving you.

Are you a therapist? No. While therapy plays an important role, causal coaching allows you to see the root (cause) of your problem and choose to change it immediately. Coaching is ideal for people who are highly-functioning and looking to evolve to their next best self.

Coaching & Wellness Workshops

  • In-Person Cognitive Coaching 45 or 60-minutes
  • Facetime-Phone-Skype Cognitive Coaching 45 or 60-minutes
  • Wellness Workshops for Moms, Moms & Daughters, Working Warrior Women, Teens, and more..

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